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Master of Ceremonies for the State Government of São Paulo

Having studied journalism at Fundação Cásper Líbero, Claudia specialized in etiquette and behavior. Since 2007 she has been the Chief of Ceremonies of the Government of the State of São Paulo.


She has written 13 books about etiquette, behavior, fashion and social inclusion. She won the Premio Abril de Jornalismo and today her work is featured in can be found in various publications, journals and magazines.

For the past fifteen years she has been lecturing and hosting workshops throughout Brazil in the area of personal and professional behavior, fashion and table etiquette, internet, weddings, accessibility, among others.

She has participated in multiple television shows on TV Gazeta and TV Cultura (Festa Baile).

As Chief of Ceremonies for the Government of the State of São Paulo, she was responsible for planning all the official visits of the following international authorities:

  • Pope Benedict XVI

  • Prince Naruhito (Japan) for the Centennial of Japanese immigration to Brazil

  • Queen Rania (Romania)

  • Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath (Sweden)

  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York

  • Grand-Duke Henry Luxemburg and Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa

  • Prince Anne (England)

  • President George W. Bush (USA)

  • President Christina Kirchner (Argentina)

  • President Álvaro Uribe Vélez (Colombia)

  • Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel (Germany)

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