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Dates and location to be determined

Members of the lower and middle class often spend a majority of their income on the acquisition of essential goods and services.

High-end consumers spend a very small portion of their income on these things.

It’s evident that this segment of the population, which spends heavily on consumption, still spends much less than the middle or lower class in terms of percentage of their total income

Even then, it’s rare to find Marketing initiatives clearly focused on this segment of the market. Most movies, TV shows and commercials are focused on popular consumer products.

Advertisements for luxurious products and services, seen in high end magazines, use the same language as those published in regular magazines.

The marketing management models follow the same standard set forth by those of products consumed en masse.

This exclusive and first-of-its-kind program covers the specific marketing management demands of businesses in various segments of the Luxury Market, including Fine Clothing and Accessories, Jewels and Watches, Cosmetics and Perfumes, Food and Drinks, Restaurants and Catering, Gyms and Beauty Salons, Tourism and Hospitality, Automobiles, Boats and Aircraft, Real Estate and Furniture, Works of Art and Collections, and Asset Management.


  • Luxury Anthropology

  • Business in the Luxury Universe

  • Trends in the Luxury Market

  • The New Luxury Consumer

  • Marketing for Luxury Products

  • Marketing for Luxury Services

  • Marketing Strategies for the Luxury Segment

  • Value Proposition Construction

  • Results Exceeding Expectations

  • Communication and Customer Service in the Luxury Segment

Course Information

Venue: to be determined

Dates: to be determined

Duration: 42 class hours

Cost and Payment Methods

$ 4,200.00 payable  by credit card in up to 6x (administrative interest fees may apply)

20% discount for enrollments made 60 days prior to start date

10% discount for enrollments made 30 days prior to start date

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