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Ameni is known for Ceremonial Planning and Consulting, Etiquette, Protocol and Public Events. He is active in logistics and strategic planning for large events.

He was Ceremonial Manager for the Governor of the State of São Paulo, in charge of:

  • Strategic Plan and Hosting Official Visits, including by Brazilian Presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President George W. Bush, Pope Benedict XVI, Prince Naruhito of Japan, and the Royal Family of Britain

  • Organizer of State Military Parades

  • Leading the International Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão

  • Leading Civil and Military Honors ceremonies

  • Leading State Funerals for Governors Mario Covas and Franco Montoro, as well as Minister Sérgio Mota, and First Lady Madam Ruth Cardoso.

  • Leading Government ceremonies honoring victims of aeronautic tragedies in 1996 and 2007


Ameni also served as Security Supervisor for the Congonhas Airport, among the busiest city airports in the world, and led the implementation of Security Protocol for INFRAERO, the Brazilian government air travel agency.

CEO of Ameniplan Events

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