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July  5 - 9 , 2021

Unique opportunity to take steps toward your dream of owning a successful business in the Food and Beverage sector.

The Restaurateur – Professional Restaurant Management Course was created to help students acquire an entrepreneurial perspective by equipping them with the knowledge and mindset necessary to succeed in the restaurant business.

We’ve assembled a team of true masters in restaurant management - owners of extremely successful establishments who have braved and overcome the many challenges of this sector. Learn from the most innovative and well-rounded professionals in the exciting world of gastronomy.

This program came forth from the union of the Restaurateur and Restaurant COO courses into one comprehensive course, covering all the different aspects of owning and managing a restaurant.


  • Conception of Unique Restaurants

  • Analysis of Economic/Financial Aspects and Market Viability

  • Project and Implementation Planning

  • Financial Management and Management Controls

  • Human Resources

  • Relationship with Suppliers

  • Restaurateur -> 40hrs
  • 20 hrs/week (10x 4hr blocks)
      • 1 week


  • $2,500 USD for course

  • Discount available for payments made 30 days in advance

  • Additional fees for room & board, multiple options available

An industry professional with a history of performance, passion and innovation.  A powerful combination of experience, leadership skills and education concentrated in the Hospitality area.  Proven successes with corporate operations, small independents and as an entrepreneur.

A native of Cannes, France, Michael Ridard’s extensive background in hospitality includes several positions in some of France’s finest establishments such as Sky Beach and Tantra. It was his continued passion for the industry that led to Ridard’s transition oversees to join forces with Bâoli Miami, quickly learning all aspects of the restaurant and entertainment sectors.

Prof. Bufquin obtained his Associate Science in International Hospitality Management at the Écol e Hôtelière de Lausanne, a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Finance at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, a Master of Science degree in Internationial Business and Ph.D. in Hospitality .

With 10 years of exeperience in Miami nightlife, Ryan has made a name for himself as oneof the top players in the city vibrant Market. After earning degrees in Marketing and Finance from The University of Miami, Ryan opened the marketing and promotions company, Elite Entertainment.

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