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Roberto Cohen is a proud Carioca (Rio de Janeiro native). Although he first graduated as a dentist, gradually he transitioned from healthcare to the hospitality industry. After having been asked to help organize a friend’s wedding, he became interested in event planning and slowly his dental appointments were replaced by event planning meetings.


His celebrity clients have included Mirtia Gallotti, Família Frering, Matarazzo (fashion), David Azulay (Blue Man), Mary Zaide (Essencial), Georgia Wortman (TV e Cultura), Carolina Dieckmann, Juliana Paes, Kelly Key, Zeca Pagodinho, and Mario Lucio Vaz, among others.


He gives insights about the daily routine of a professional event planner and his students quickly become aware of and learn more about the vast amount of work and meticulous attention to detail necessary to successfully orchestrate an event.

Master of Ceremonies

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