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Master architect Ruy Ohtake began his career in 1960, the same year he graduated from FAU/USP, the Architecture and Urbanism College of the University of São Paulo. He made a name for himself in Brazilian and worldwide architecture with an intense work ethic and rigorous production goals, which earned him international recognition.

Ohtake is sought after as lecturer and represented Brazil at the XX Congress of the UIA, União Internacional dos Arquitetos (International Architect Union), an event which took place in 1999 in Beijing.

His work integrates the values forged by the masters of Modern Movement, through expressive and non-discriminating methods which were developed in different regions of the country. His designs are a rich blend of timeless Japanese tradition, the dynamic of the Euro-American vanguard and the exuberant creativity of the landscape and diversified Brazilian society, blended together with perfect integration and a unique creative vision.

Master Architect

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