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Los Angeles
March 2025

Our third Luxury Event Management Summit will take place in Los Angeles, during the same weekend as the 96st Academy Awards Ceremony, also known as the Oscars.

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury events with lectures from top professionals in the entertainment, social and sports events. An exclusive experience into the atmosphere of preparations for the awards ceremony and the most prestigious party in the world.




W Hollywood    
6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood


  • 5.000,00usd

  • 3.500,00​usd - Students


  • Discounts available for groups and partner Universities

  • Lodgind and meals not included

Day 1 - The Oscar Goes To        
09:00    Avant Première Donald Levy

10:45    The Oscars  | Donald Levy
12:00    Lunch    at W. Hollywood
14:00    Guided Visit at Dolby Theater | Donald Levy
15:45    Guided Visit at Audrey Irmas Pavilion - Events Center | Donald Levy
17:00    Closure    
20:00    Social Dinner at Spago Beverly Hills**

Day 2 - VIP Social        

09:15    Luxury Weddings | Stephen Friddle
10:45    Destination Weddings | Stephen Friddle
12:00    Lunch  at W. Holliwood
14:00    Outdoor Weddings - Guided visit at Greystone Mansion | Stephen Friddle 
15:45    Entertainment Venues - Guided visit at Fairmont Century Plaza | Stephen Friddle
17:00    Closure

Day 3 - The World Stage        
09:15    Olympic Games Unveiled  | Alexandra Okinomidou
10:45    Olympic Games Unveiled  | Alexandra Okinomidou
12:00    Lunch    at W. Hollywood
14:00    Olympic Games Unveiled  | Alexandra Okinomidou
15:45    LEM 2024 Compendium    
17:00    Certificates and Cocktail

*Subject to change
**Social program is optional

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