Silicon Valley BootCamp®

 7 days Boot Camp in the Heart of Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA
January 15 to 21th, 2023


  • Day 1 - Introduction to Silicon Valey

  • Day 2 - Technology World

  • Day 3 - Social Media World

  • Day 4 - Startups World

  • Day 5 - ​University World

  • Day 6 - Outside of this World

  • Day 7 - Santa Cruz Beach Certificate Ceremony

One week, 5 worlds.

A thrilling immersion in the Silicon Valley way of life and business.


A mind opener program for high-school students from all over the world.

Technology, entrepreneurship and career advisory from those who achieved incredible dreams.

Guided visits through accelerators, tech companies, robotics, aerospace and top University on Silicon Valley.


  • 50 hours total

    • 7 days

    • Lodging include


  • 6,800 USD

      *For more information please contact our team


Some of our latest students opinions about the Silicon Valley Bootcamp® experience

Rafael Rezende Zambrana 
Silicon Valley Bootcamp® participant
Rafael Saul.png
Rafael Saul Franco
Silicon Valley Bootcamp® participant

The trip was wonderful, it exceeded all my expectations, and it was one of the best trips of my life. I learnt about many relevant areas of the world in the time we live in, and it gave me opportunities that i never thought i would have. The parties and the bus trips were happy and joyful, good music that everybody knew, it was endless singing. I've made friendships that i pretend to take to life.

grade 11 out of 10!

I loved the Bootcamp. I found it very complete, going through different content. The teachers were amazing, everyone for sure added a lot. The people i met were incredible. I Believe that the Bootcamp fulfilled its mission of making my mindset more entrepreneurial!  

bruno alvarez.png

In the bootcamp it was possible to learn about new teaching methodologies that should work as inspiration for new paths and changes in Colégio Pentagono, particularly on the subject of entrepreneurship.

Bruno Alvarez 
(Pentagono HighSchool vice director)


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