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Director of Systems Engineering and Customer Integration, Optical Sensors and IoT

Powering cutting-edge, disruptive technology, I have 25 years of experience leading product development, systems engineering, and global program management for the semiconductor, consumer, lighting, and IoT industries.

Throughout my career, my focus has remained on bringing new products to market that create lasting impact, while also spurring continued innovation. Most recently, my team and I completed multiple large scale, 9-12-month projects where we developed and deployed smart street lighting in Malaysia and at the same time released a next generation Bio-sensor. I’ve also headed up programs, utilizing AI and to design and integrate noninvasive biosensors into Samsung Note and Galaxy phones.

Witnessing the evolution of cell phone technology has been exceptionally interesting for me, as I broke into the industry, launching a high-power LED cell phone flash program in the early 2000s, which was quickly adopted by market giants, AT&T and Motorola.

From smart phones to smart cities, I’ve steered multimillion-dollar projects, consistently delivering them on-time and within budget. I’m energized by the diversity of my portfolio, as well as working across languages, cultures, and customs. I actively coach and mentor industry newcomers, most recently, taking on the role of Adjunct Professor at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) to teach their “IoT for Work, Life, and Play” undergraduate course. Additionally, I serve as Incubator of, driving Mission/Initiative.

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